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See a Dianella GP | Cervical Screening

4th May 2017 11:21am

Did you know 7 in 10 Victorian women who develop cervical cancer either never had a Pap smear test or did not have them regularly prior to diagnosis?


If you’re aged 18 to 70 and have ever been sexually active, cervical screening is your best protection against cervical cancer, even if you’ve had the HPV vaccine.


Cervical screening is for women with no signs or symptoms. The early stages of cervical cancer usually have no symptoms, and can only be detected as a result of cervical screening.


Cervical screening looks for cell changes that may over time develop into cervical cancer. If changes are found early, they can be treated.


Speak to your Dianella GP about cervical screening. Cervical screening only takes a few minutes and could save your life.


Dianella now have 4 female GP’s and provide an interpreter service on request.


To book please contact Dianella on 1300 234 263 or alternative book online at http://dianellasuperclinic.org.au/book-an-appointment/


**Please note: In late 2017 the Pap test will be changing. The Cancer Council urges until changes are introduced it’s important that women who are due for their Pap test not delay and book an appointment. To find out more speak to a Dianella GP.**