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Dianella Health values and celebrates the diversity of its community staff and volounters. 


On 1 September, 2017 we issued a joint statement with twenty two other metropolitan and reginal community health organisations from across the length and breadth of Vicotria in support of marriage equality. 


Please see statement below: 


Marriage equality vote creates health risks for LGBTIQ community


Twenty three metropolitan and regional community health organisations from across the length and breadth of Victoria have today issued a joint statement in support of marriage equality.


Victoria’s community health sector has a long history of supporting marginalised communities and advocating for change that will reduce health inequality. Today’s public statement arises from a deep concern about the health impacts of a potential marriage equality postal survey on the health and wellbeing of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) community.


Higher rates of anxiety and depression, suicide, drug and alcohol use, and other forms of poor mental and physical health among LGBTIQ people, particularly younger people, are well documented. These adverse health impacts arise as a result of experiences of individual, social and legal discrimination, with a lack of marriage equality in particular shown to be specifically associated with poorer health and wellbeing outcomes among LGBTIQ people.


Further research has found that these harms worsen during campaign periods, and many of the signatory organisations to this statement have already observed marked increases in the number of people from LGBTIQ communities seeking support for the distress they are experiencing.


These impacts are not limited to our clients, with many of our LGBTIQ staff, and their allies, also experiencing negative impacts on their health and wellbeing.


Today’s statement is an expression of solidarity and support to our many LGBTIQ staff and clients in the context of the current debates.


The statement also makes clear that the signatory organisations strongly support marriage equality as an important public health strategy towards improving the mental and physical health of LGBTIQ people.