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Population Health


The Population Health team delivers a range of health promotion initiatives and projects to the community. To find out more information on what activities the Population Health team is undertaking in your community please visit our Healthy & Happy Hume: Resources, events and updates page.


Dianella's health promotion practice is guided by the Victorian State Government's guiding principles for integrated health promotion including:


  • addressing the broader determinants of health, recognising that health is influenced by more than genetics, individual lifestyles and provision of health care, and that political, social, economic and environmental factors are critical
  • best practice activities based on available data and evidence
  • acting to reduce social inequities and injustice, helping to ensure every individual, family and community group may benefit from living, learning and working in an environment that promotes good health
  • emphasis on active consumer and community participation in processes that enable and encourage people to have a say about what influences their health and weelbeing and what would make a difference
  • empowering individuals and communities through information, skill development, support, advocacy and structural change strategies
  • consideration of differences in gender and culture, recognising that gender and culture lie at the heart of the way in which health beliefs and behaviours are formed

  • working in collaboration, actively seeking partnerships across a broad range of sectors, including organisations that may not have an explicit health focus, to deliver programs and initiatives to the community