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Counselling and support is offered to individuals and famlies who live or work in Hume.

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 Cost and confidentiality


This service is confidential and is free.

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 Where is the service located and what hours are you open?


Counselling is offered from our Broadmeadows, Meadow Heights and Craigieburn sites.


Operating hours are Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm


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Waiting lists


Waiting times vary as referrals are based on priority of needs.


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The service is offered to individuals and families who live or work in Hume.


Certain needs are best met by specialist services and if this is required, advice and support will be provided for a referral to these agencies.

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Who can refer to you?


Anyone can make an enquiry to our Counselling Intake team on 1300 234 263 (select option 5 for central inake). Self referrals are preferred as this ensures confidentiality is maintained.

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Contacting Counselling Intake


Contact Counselling Intake on 1300 234 263 (select option 5 for central inake). 

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