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Community Asthma Program


The Community Asthma Program provides free asthma self-management education and support for children and young people with asthma and their families.


The program is aimed at people who frequently attend an Emergency Department for help with asthma, are at risk of attending or have complex psychosocial needs impacting on their ability to self-manage their asthma.


Families entering the program receive one-on-one help and support from a qualified health professional with advanced skills in asthma and respiratory education.


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How we help with your child's, young person's and your family's needs


A Community Asthma Educator is assigned to each family for a period of time (up to six months or longer if necessary) to help:

  • understand the basics of asthma
  • understand medications, how they work and the correct ways of taking them
  • identify and avoid asthma trigger factors
  • recognise warning signs of asthma, what to do and who to seek help from
  • develop a written asthma action plan with your General Practitioner or Paediatrician
  • refer or link you into other community based services
  • talk to people like General Practitioners, childcare and teaching staff, grandparents, etc to ensure you're getting the best treatment and management of asthma

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Does the asthma educator do home visits?


Our asthma educators can do home visits or meet with you in other settings such as a community health centre, General Practitioner surgery or any other convenient location.


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Is my child or young person eligible?


The service is available to children or young people who:

  • are aged up to 18 years of age
  • living in postcodes ranging from 3000 - 3099 or the cities of Stonnington, Boorandara or Port Phillip
  • are experiencing chronic asthma or have complex needs that affect self-management of asthma


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Do I need a referral for this service?


Referrals can be made by the client's parent or caregiver, a General Practitioner, public hospital, Maternal and Child health Nurse, other community health services or a Paediatrician.


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Who do I contact for further enquiries?


Enquiries can be made directly to the Community Asthma Program Intake 8301 8861


Referrals from General Practitioners or other health professionals can be faxed to 8301 8889 or emailed to communityasthmaprogram@dianella.org.au 


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Where is the service located?


The service is centrally operated from our Broadmeadows campus but visits at home or other locations in the community are available.


Dianella Health, GP Super Clinic, 42-48 Coleraine St, Broadmeadows


All Dianella Health locations. 


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Is there a cost?


No. The service is free.


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What are your hours?


Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm with limited after hours appointments available.


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Can an interpreter be arranged?


An interpreter can be arranged upon request.


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