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Dianella offers a wide range of services and fees vary depending on the service you use.


Many of our services are subsidised by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments who set what the fees will be each year.


Some of our services are funded by the client (for example, the National Disability Insurance Scheme). 


Some of our services may, in the future, be funded by third parties such as Traffic Accident Commission (TAC), Workcover.


Our Medical practice does not charge fees because they bulk-bill.   Some of the services such as physiotherapy may also be bulk-billed (speak to your doctor).


Our Dental clinic fees are determined by Dental Health Services Victoria.  


Fee Brochures


Click here to access our current Fee Brochure -  Client Fee Schedule 1 August 2016 


Click here to access the new fee brochure that will be effective from 1 August 2017 -  Fee Brochure Not Avaliable 


How to apply to have fees reduced - Victorian and Government subsidised services


We expect that our clients pay for the services they receive. If you experience financial hardship you can apply to have your fees reduced.


We reserve the right to withhold services if you refuse to pay for your services and do not apply for a reduction of fees. the fee waiver process. 


1. Complete and sign this application form Application for a fee review


2. Complete this self-assessment form  Income declaration form


3. Bring the completed forms and evidence of your expenses (eg phone bill, utility bill, pharmacy bill) to your next visit and discuss with your clinician


Government Fee Policies


Client Fee Policy - English     ENGLISH - Department of Health Fees Policy  


Client Fee Policy - Arabic      ARABIC - Department of Health Fees Policy


Client Fee Policy - Turkish    TURKISH - Department of Health Fees Policy