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Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Disability Case Management


This program provides case management to culturally and linguistically diverse clients with a disability. The program assists clients to manage their ongoing disability needs which impact on their life and their families.


The program provides the one-to-one assistance of a case manager to individual clients and their families with a person-centred and family oriented approach.


Referrals are made to appropriate disability or mainstream services to meet clients and carers' needs. The aims of case management are to raise the awareness of client rights to services within the local community, link them into ethnic or mainstream community programs, work together with clients, caregivers, service providers and government departments as required in order to achieve the client goals and fulfil their needs.


The case manager co-ordinates services to achieve the best outcome for clients. Client disability needs and choices are supported and advocated for through case management. The case manager could also provide secondary consultation to other service providers and professionals to enhance the meeting of the client's needs.


Click on the links below for further information including where the program is based and the hours of the programs.


Who is eligible for this service?


To be eligible for this program, clients must be:


  • less than 65 years of age;
  • come from a culturally and linguistically diverse background including our indigenous community ;
  • living in Hume or Moreland city council regions; and
  • have either (or a combination of) permanent physical, sensory, neurological or intellectual disabilities including autism

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Who can refer to this service?


Clients, their families, friends, other disability service providers, other mainstream service providers, allied health professionals and schools.


To make a referral to this service, please contact our counselling intake service on 1300 234 263 (select option 5 for central inake) to register your enquiry. Our case manager will contact you to undertake an intake assessment.


In the event that the program does not have the capacity due to high service demands, we will assist with a secondary consultation and provide information about other disability services.


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How much does this service cost?


This service is provided free of charge.

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Where is this service located and what hours are you open?


This program provides a home visit and outreach service to clients and their caregivers.


The service is provided Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm. In special circumstances, exceptions can be made.


The service is managed from Dianella Health, 6 Newbold Avenue, Craigieburn phone 1300 234 263 (select option 5 for central inake). 

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Can I have an interpreter?


An interpreter can be arranged upon request.


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