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Continence Support Service for Children with a Disability


This service aims to promote continence for children and young people with a disability.


Support is availble to families to encourage continence in their children.


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  How we help with your child's needs


The Continence Support Service provides education, support and financial assistance to chidlren and young people with a disability, who are incontinent.


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Does the nurse do home visits?


Home visits can be arranged when required.


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Is my child eligible?


Children and young people aged 5-15 years with a permanent disbability who are incontinent and live in the municipalities of Hume or Moreland are eligible for this service.   

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Do I need a referral for this service?


Referrals are accepted from family members, medical or other health professionals, schools and early intervention programs.


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Who do I contact for further enquiries?


Contact the Continence Support Service on (03) 8301 6200.  

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Where is the service located?


The service is centrally operated from our Broadmeadows campus located at


        BIG Steps|  Early Childhood Intervention Service

        1 Sorrento St


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Is there a cost?


The service is free to eligible people. 

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What are your hours?


This is a part-time service only.


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Can an interpreter be arranged?


An interpreter can be arranged upon request.  

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