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Speech Pathology


The Speech Pathologists at Dianella are committed to providing a quality service for young children aged up to school entry, working in the context of their family and community.


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  How we help with your child's needs


Our Speech Pathologists can help children to develop their speech, language and communication. skills. They are trained to advise, diagnose and work with children who have difficulties in the following areas:

  • Articulation / Phonology - producing speech sounds correctly
  • Receptive Language - understanding what others say
  • Expressive Language - using words to form sentences and express ideas
  • Fluency - producing a smooth flow of speech
  • Voice - using an appropriate voice quality
  • Pragmatics - understanding and using appropriate social communication skills

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Assessments and therapies


Our Speech Pathologists provide:

  • Speech and language assessments
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy

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Is my child eligible?


This service is designed for children aged up to school entry who are experiencing difficulty with their speech and language development yet have normal development in other areas.


Children experiencing difficulties in other areas of development (eg. balance, coordination, learning, self-help skills) in addition to their speech and language difficulties require specialist intervention and therefore it is recommended that a referral be made to the Northern Early Childhood Intervention Services Central Intake on (03) 9304 0775.


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Do I need a referral for this service?


Referrals can be made by phone or in writing by parents/caregivers, Maternal and Child Health nurses, preschool teachers, childcare workers, medical practitioners and allied health professionals.


All referrals must have parental consent. Due to the high demand for this service, a waitlist applies.


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Who do I contact for further enquiries?


Referrals and enquiries can be directed to our Service Access team on 1300 234 263


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Where is the service located?


This service is clinic based by appointment only at our Meadow Heights and Craigieburn sites.


Dianella Community Health, 21-27 Hudson Circuit, Meadow Heights


Dianella Community Health, 55 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn


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Is there a cost?


Please refer to our fee brochure.


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What are your hours?


Appointments are available Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm. Due to the high demand for this service, a waitlist applies.


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Can an interpreter be arranged?


An interpreter can be arranged upon request. 

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