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The School Focused Youth Service program (SFYS) aims to assist schools and agencies develop partnerships which support young people identified as at risk between the ages of 10-18 years through developing integrated service responses.


The program works across the cities of Hume, Glenroy and Fawkner and focuses on the coordinationof preventative and early intervention strategies for eligible children identified as at risk through school and community clusters.


The program is designed to support effective links between the primary prevention work done by school-based support services within the education sector and the early intervention services provided by the community sector.


The program is required to develop close linkages with school support personnel located wtihin Government schools, Catholic schools, independent schools and community agencies in contact with young people.


Developing these linkages enables identification of service gaps, the development of strategies to response to those gaps and the provision of a continuum of service intervention.


What sort of activities we undertake:


  • Providing information, ideas, referral advice and options for schools and agencies engaged in student wellbeing and partnership development;
  • Facilitating forums and networks for key stakeholders such as student wellbeing staff in school networks;
  • Assisting with systemic and individual advocacy and facilitating community based responses to emerging issues; and
  • Providing funding to meet gaps in the educational and community service systems through individual or project brokerage.

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Who is eligible for this program?


Vulnerable young people aged 10-18 years, identified as at risk through school and community clusters.


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Who can make referrals to this service?


School staff and representatives from local community organisations can refer to this service.


Ph: 1300 234 263

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Are there any costs?


There are no costs, this is a free service.

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Location and hours of operation


The service is based at Dianella Community Health GP Super Clinic, 42-48 Coleraine St, Broadmeadows, but works across the cities of Hume and Moreland (Glenroy and Fawkner).


The service operations Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm


For other locations for this program across Victoria click here Department of Education and Early Childhood Development - School Focused Youth Service


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Project Brokerage


Applications are invited during one or two funding rounds annually. Project brokerage is available for school/agency partnerships to develop projects that:


  • Directly involve and benefit vulnerable young people aged 10-18;
  • Meet an existing gap in service; and
  • Work towards improving or enhancing existing systems and processes

Individual brokerage


Schools and agencies can apply at any time for up to $500 to assist a vulnerble young person stay connected to education, family or the community. Funding must meet a gap in service, is a last resort and a 'one-off'. It must also form part of a coordinated support plan for the young person.


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