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Health Coaching


Our health coaching service looks at your health needs overall and helps link you in with our services, other providers or community services.


Our health coaches are trained professionals who support you to reach better health.


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What does this service provide?


Our health coaches will:

  • listen to your concerns about your health
  • work with you to develop a health plan to look after your overall health by setting realistic and meaningful goals
  • work with you to achieve your goals and over time, improve your health
  • share ideas with you on how to manage your health
  • coordinate referrals to other providers or community services to support your health plan
  • discuss other services that may be available

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Am I eligible for this service?


Anyone living in Hume is eligible to access our service.

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Do I need a referral for this service?


Self-referrals or referrals from your general practitioner or other health professionals.


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What does this service cost?


Please refer to our fee brochure.

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Where is the service located and what are your hours?


During your appointment, you will discuss many aspects of your health - please allow up to 90 minutes per appointment.


The service operates from our Craigieburn, Broadmeadows or Meadow Heights on an alternating schedule (please discuss when making your appointment):


Dianella Community Health, Broadmeadows Health Service, 35 Johnstone St, Broadmeadws


Dianella Community Health, 21-27 Hudson Circuit, Meadow Heights


Dianella Community Health, 55 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn

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Who do I contact to make an enquiry or to send a referral?


To discuss or to send a referral to this service, please contact:


Service Access team Phone 1300 234 263  Fax (03) 8339 9898

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Can an interpreter be arranged?


An interpreter can be arranged. 

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