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Diabetes Nurse Education


Diabetes education aims to assist you with managing your diabetes by:


  • developing your skills
  • improving your knowledge
  • updating your knowledge
  • developing your confidence to manage your condition

Diabetes educators practice collaboratively in teams with other health professionals, general practitioners and in partnership with their clients.  


The service offers individual appointments or participation in group education sessions.


Dianella also works closely with other health agencies in the City of Hume to ensure that clients receive the approrpiate treatment for their level of diabetes.


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What does this service provide?


The Diabetes education service offers the following services:


  • individual consultations with a Dietitian if required
  • individual consultations with a Diabetes Nurse Educator
  • group programs including Diabetes Information Session and Diabetes Education Programs (refer to our groups page for further information)
  • health promotion initiativeswith community groups

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Am I eligible for this service?


Anyone living in Hume with diagnoses is eligible to participate in our coordinated approach to diabetes education and management.


As part of your referral to Dianella, we assess your eligibility for our program, or for other more acute programs in the Hume region.


It is important that your referrer review your pathology results prior to sending a referral to validate your eligiblity.

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Do I need a referral for this service?


A written referral is required. The referral can be made by yourself, your general practitioner, health professional or other community agencies.


We recommend your referrer also provide a referral to our dietetics and nutrition service as part of the holistic approach to helping you manage your diabetes through healthy diet and nutrition.


To ensure that we provide you with a timely service, your referral must include other information as follows:


If you have diagnosed diabetes, then the referral must include (your general practitioner can advise on the types of tests):

  • date of diagnosis, medical history, current medications
  • pathology tests: (no more than 6 months old) including HbA1c or if newly diagnosis, OGTT and 2 fasting glucose
  • renal function: (U&Es including EGFR and Micro Albumin
  • cardiac: TG LDL HDL Total Chol/HDL ratio

If you are pre-diabetes (high risk of diabetes), then the referral must include (your general practitioner can advise on the types of tests):

  • medical history, current medications
  • pathology tests: (no more than 6 months old) a fasting glucose or OGTT
  • cardiac: TG LDL HDL Total Chol/HDL ratio

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What does this service cost?


Please refer to our fee brochure.

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Where is the service located and what are your hours?


Hours of operation are 9am - 5pm.  The service is by appointment only at our Broadmeadows, Meadow Heights or Craigieburn campuses.


Dianella Community Health, GP Super Clinic, 42-48 Coleraine St, Broadmeadows 


Dianella Community Health, 55 Craigieburn Rd, Craigieburn 


Dianella Community Health, 21-27 Hudson Circuit, Meadow Heights 

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Who do I contact to make an enquiry or to send a referral?


To discuss or to send a referral to this service, please contact


Service Access team Phone 1300 234 263  Fax (03) 8339 9898 (please include all required information including pathology)

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Can an interpreter be arranged?


An interpreter can be arranged upon request. 


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