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Cardiac Rehabilitation


Run in a group setting, this activity helps you to learn how to better manage your heart health by improving your fitness and increasing your understanding of heart disease.


Participants must also participate in a pre-program health assessment with our Community Health Nurse and our Exercise Physiologist / Health Coach


The program runs over a period of five weeks with one session per week. Each week a different health professional will give a talk on different aspects of heart health including exercise, diet and nutrition.  Participans may join the on-going program at any week.


The program includes a light exercise session that is led by a Physiotherapist and a Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse.


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  What will I learn in the group?


In this group you will learn:

  • how your heart works
  • about risk factors for heart disease
  • how to manage your heart condition
  • how to exercise to improve your heart health

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What do I bring and what do I wear?


We advise the following:

  • wear comfortable clothing
  • footwear suitable for exercise
  • a water bottle
  • a list of your current medications
  • a list of your current medical conditions or a cardiocard
  • any medications you are taking for angina, asthma or diabetes
  • reading glasses and if applicable, a hearing aid
  • a partner or support person if you wish
  • a list of questions you'd like to ask our health professionals

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Where and when is this group run?


The group runs over a five week period with one session per week on a Tuesday morning.  The sessions run in a 'rolling' pattern so that clients can join the program at any time.


The group is based at the Dianella GP Super Clinic, 42 - 48 Coleraine Street Broadmeadows (a short walk from the Broadmeadows Shopping Centre).


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Do I need a referral for this service?


This program assists people who have experienced a cardiac event or heart disease.


Referrals for this program can be made by your general practitioner or from the treating hospital.


Referrals can be faxed to (03) 8339 9898 


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Who do I contact for further enquiries?


Please contact our group co-ordinator Wednesday between 9am and 3pm on 8301 8844. Please leave a detailed message if unattended so our co-ordinator can contact you.



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Is there a cost for this program?

There is a small charge for the assessment and group participation. 


Clients who choose to pay for all sessions in advance, receive a discount! 


Please refer to our fee brochure.


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Can an interpreter be arranged?


Please speak to our co-ordinator regarding interpreting requirements.


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