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Community Register


Community registers provide a support service for older people, and people with a disability, who live alone or are socially isolated. 


People enrolled on registers typically receive: 

  • identity cards
  • fridge magnets
  • stickers to place at the front door
  • newsletters
  • regular contact phone calls if requested

The phone calls can be used to check on a person's well-being, provide useful information and during summer months, pass on Department of Health information about staying healthy in the heat. 


If a phone call and follow-up calls are not answered within a specific timeframe, the registrant's nominated emergency contact is notified.   


If the emergency contact cannot be contacted or is unable to respond, local police officers will check on the registrant's well-being. 


Enrolment in a community register is free and voluntary.   To enrol on the register, plese contact the 

Hume Community Register (03) 9309 3852


Dianella volunteers participate in this program by making regular phone calls to those enrolled on the register. For more information on becoming a volunteer of Dianella, please refer to the Volunteer pages of this website.