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Caring for our seniors Seniors and Carers


Dianella offers many services for seniors and carers such as podiatry and physiotherapy.


We also provide a program of services that are specifically tailored to offer a variety of social and recreational programs for eligible clients.


These services are supported by funding from the Australian and Victorian Governments under the Home and Community Care (HACC) program.


Planned Activity Groups


Planned Activity Groups aim to maintain wellbeing and independence of disabled and elderly people and to support the families who care for them



Respite for Carers


As part of the National Respite for Carers (NRCP) program, Dianella also offers a wide range of activities to provide assistance to help carers take a break from caregiving.


The program can be centre-based or home-based for carers of younger, disabled adults and frail, aged adults.



Weekends Away


Part of the Respite for Carers programs, our Weekends Away program provides a series of short getaways to help carers take a break from caregiving and to share quality time with other caregivers.



Community Transport


Coordinated through our Volunteer program Transport Coordinator, Dianella offers free transportation to and from its seniors and carers activity programs.