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Wulumperi 'Good Health' Project


Wulumperi, named by the local community, means Good Health in woi-wurrung language.  


The project, as part of the Live Longer! Campaign across the Hume municipality, has been established to engage Indigenous people in improving the health and wellbeing of individuals, families and community. 


The project's key aims are to improve the prevention, early detection, management and treatment of chronic disease in Aboriginal communities through community level health promotion and social marketing.


The project manages a variety of programs delivered to the local community, promoting engagement in physical fitness and health education.  These programs include: 

  • cultural healing
  • school-based focused activities
  • recreational activities 
  • health education 
  • sporting teams

The project is overseen by the Wulumperi Local Advisory Committee consisting of local Indigenous community members, local indigenous workers, our Wulumperi Project Officer, AHPACC officer and other staff.    


This community-based project supports partnerships in the City of Hume, the wider Victorian Aboriginal community and with ongoing Indigenous programs currently achieving positive outcomes in the City of Hume. 


Supporting AHPACC at Dianella, the Wulumperi 'Good Health' Project provides health service information to our local Indigenous community.


The project is an Australian government initiative, funded by the Department of Health & Ageing until 30th June 2014.