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Aboriginal Health Promotion and Chronic Care (AHPACC) Belinda Hudson - AHPACC Officer


A message from our AHPACC Officer


My name is Belinda Hudson and I’m the new AHPACC Officer at Dianella Community Health. 


My Country is Gippsland—GUNAI MOB. I grew up in Brunswick and also lived for 20 years in Croydon. While in Croydon, I worked for Mullum Mullum Indigenous Gathering Place, (MMIGP) as the  Aboriginal Community Support Liaison Officer working with the Eastern Metro Mob.                     


I have close ties to the eastern community and my parents are active members of the MMIGP Elders Group and also volunteer, working with  community. 3 years ago I moved from Croydon to Niddrie. This is how I came to work at Dianella.                           


 I live & practice Culture, participate in Ceremony, and spend a lot of time with community. 


I believe strongly in our Mob & our Community, and its strong, proud & deadly people.  I work, and am available, on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s each week and my office is located at our new GP Super Clinic in Broadmeadows. 


Please feel free to call me at any time, and if I cannot answer your call immediately, please leave a voicemail, and I will return your call ASAP! 


I am really looking forward to meeting and working with all you Deadly Mob and improving the health of the Aboriginal community.  


Belinda Hudson

AHPACC Officer

Dianella Community Health

PH: 8301 8826 / MOB: 0438 897 222

EMAIL: belinda.hudson@dianella.org.au


What the AHPACC officer does


The role of the AHPACC officer is to liaise closely with practitioners and the local Aboriginal community to facilitate access to Dianella services.  AHPACC aims to improve better health outcomes for clients accessing our services. 


AHPACC provides support to Indigeneous people with, or at risk of, chronic disease through early intervention and management of the disease.  AHPACC assists clients by:

  • assisting in making and attending appointments for a service
  • organising transport to and from an appointment
  • providing further, detailed information on our services in an easy-to-understand approach 
  • connecting clients and families to local Aboriginal communities and the wider Victorian Aboriginal community 
  • advice on health and wellbeing with the support of the Allied Health team and all services at Dianella

AHPACC aims to ensure community connectedness and build capacity for access to services by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at Dianella.