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Dianella Health's Population Health talks about a new short film competition to focus on Hume's diverse community

           Leader Article 051217- New short film competition to focus on Hume's diverse community


Dianella Health launches is new Autism Assessment Clinic in Broadmeadows

           Star Weekly Article 281117- Autism Clinic Opens in Broadmeadows


Dianella Health's Population Health Hume CREW members raise awarness on the Hume CREW walk to raise awareness about the issue of preventing violence against women 

           Leader Article 071117- Hume CREW to walk the talk of preventing violence against women


Dianella Health's Population Health Nissaa Al-Banafsage group members shares their personal experiences. 

            SBS Online Article and Podcast 280717- Can Women in Purple eradicate violeve amoung the Assyrian Community? 


Dianella Health's Population Health team, acknowledged for their support and assistance with students from Hume Valley School in Broadmeadows 

            Herald Sun Online Article 240717- Hume Valley School celebrates cooking from around the globe 


Dianella Health's CEO Neil Cowen, comments on how Melbourn's house prices are effecting the health of the community in Melbourne's north 

 Domaine Online Article 310517- Melbourne house prices: Is your suburb making you unhealthy?


Dianella Health's Nayana Bhandarin is named Hume Citizen of the year 

              Hume Leader 310117 - Honouring Legends of our Region 

An article up on Dianella Health's longest serving staff member- now volunteer Jean Berkiki, in celbration of Dianella's 40th Anniversary 

              Hume Leader 310117 - Forty years of care

              Hume Leader 310117 -  Patients key to legacy and memories 

 Dianella is encouraging refugees to make contact with the many multicultral groups that it supports 

              Hume Leader 100117 - Group in cultural call to refugees 


Young writers from Hume have contributed their stories to a book titled "Where I Live”, through 'The Field Trip' initiative funded by Dianella Health  

              Hume Leader 270916 -  Young scribes put stories into book


Colours of Hume Multicultural Womens' Group - seeking new members

              Northern Star Weekly 160823 Colours of Hume Womens' Multicultural Group seeking members


Grattan report investigates preventable hospital admissions - claims health networks are failing the residents of Broadmeadows

              Northern Star Weekly 160809 - Preventable hospital admissions- Health Networks accused of failing Broadmeadows residents


Dianella Health supports 'The Field Trip' - a Broadmeadows after-school initiative in which young leaders mentor children and teenagers to discover their full potential.

               Hume Leader 120716 - Mentors give motivation and a helping hand!


Healthier mums in Hume - Dianella partners with the Craigieburn Education & Community Centre to provide gentle exercise classes   

               Weekly Star 280616 Dianella Health partners with Craigieburn Education & Community Centre for healthier mums in Hume


Saleha Talash, founder of the Hume Afghan Association, partners with Dianella once a week for 'Tea with Afghan Women'

               Hume Leader 210616 - Tea with Afghan Women - founder partners with Dianella


Tai Chi, sometimes called Medication in Motion', is a gentle form of exercise that helps maintain strength, flexibility and balance.

               Hume Leader 100516 - Dianella Tai Chi classes


Dianella partners with Homestead Community and Learning Centre and the Hume Men's Shed to deliver a 10 week course helping males learn how to prepare and cook healthy meals

               Hume Leader 260416 - Hume Men's Shed


Dianella supports the establishment of a Family Violence Safety Hub in Hume

               Hume Leader 050416 - Dianella is well placed to support the establishment of a Family Violence Safety Hub in Hume


Our GP Super Clinic is open 7 days a week and after hours - an alarmingly low number of young women in Hume are undertaking regular cervical screening

               Hume Leader 290316 - the importance of cervical screening through pap tests


Dianella GP Super Clinic celebrates its 1st year anniversary

               Northern Star Weekly 010216 - Dianella GP Super Clinic celebrates 1st year anniversary


Melbourne Primary Care Network funds clinics including Dianella GP Super Clinic to open weeknights and weekends 

              GP Super Clinic opening weeknights and weekends


Dianella has teamed up with social, sporting and cultural groups throughout Hume to find a collaborate answer to stopping violence before intervention is necessary

             Hume Leader 260116 - Quest to prevent violence   


The GP Super Clinic was officially opened nearly 1 year ago and, effective 1 February 2016, will be operating 7 days a week!

             February 1st sees 7 days a week at the GP Super Clinic


The Oorja Foundation - working together to promote harmony amongst communities affected by family violence

            Hume Leader The Oorja Foundation - working together to promote harmony amongst communities affected by family violence October 2015


Driving the message home - Week Without Violence October 2015

            Hume Leader Week Without Violence - Buses Drive The Message Home October 2015


Celebrating Cultural Diversity - from Teej to Teeyan September 2015

            Hume Leader Celebrating Cultural Diversity - Teej to Teeyan September 2015


Celebrating cultural diversity week!

            Hume Leader - Cultural DIversity Week - March 2015


Celebrating the Hume GP Super Clinic launch in February 2015

            Hume Leader - Hume GP Super Clinic Launch - February 2015


Serving our community since 1977, Jean Beriki is the longest serving employee of Dianella as featured in the Hume Leader

            Hume Leader - spotlight on Jean Beriki - February 2015


A warm welcome to Dianella's new CEO, Dr Neil Cowen

            Hume Leader - Welcome to Dr Neil Cowen - December 2014





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