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The CREW Commitee

The Hume Community for Respect and Equality of Women
(Hume CREW) is an alliance of community members and professionals from different sectors working together to build a culture of respect and equality for women in the City of Hume, so they can be free from violence. The CREW was initiated by Dianella Health in October 2015, with the support of the Hume City Council Social Development Team and Women’s Health In the North. It is currently convened by a Health Promotion Officer (Dianella Health) with a steering commitee made up of the following organisations:

  • Women’s Health In the North
  • Hume City Council
  • Banksia Gardens Community Services
  • Oorja Foundation
  • Northern Community Legal Centre
  • Rotary Club Tullamarine
  • and Hume community members

The Hume CREW was launched ahead of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence in November 2016. To learn more about the methodology and objectives of the Hume CREW, read the Hume CREW Terms of Reference November 2016 For more Hume CREW Governance documents, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Hume CREW Launch

The launch of the Hume CREW was an inspiring example of community participation and collaboration to increase equality and respect for women. A capacity audience of approximately 70 people witnessed the official launch by Helen Patsikatheodorou, former Mayor of Hume City Council and passionate advocate for women's equality and heard from Helen Riseborough (CEO Women's Health In the North) and Sally Hoffmann, (General Manager of Allied Health and Community Services, Dianella Health) about the important work being done Nationally and Regionally to guide our work locally including the formation and the work of the Hume CREW alliance. We were then left feeling impressed and proud by the  11 Hume community members representing sports clubs, youth and ethnic groups, who showcased different behaviour and attitude changing activities that they have been involved in. 

Highlights included:

  • Two passionate stories from Kym Stephen and Atken Feranso about the education and awareness raising work they are doing in the local tennis and soccer clubs respectively. This work is part of a bigger program called Lets Play Together in Hume (in partnership with Dianella Health and Hume City Council) and has included education to increase knowledge, the creation of awareness raising message-banners and the hosting of a Star Weave Jam as part of Week Without Violence. Sports clubs have also hosted a commitment pledge as part of White Ribbon Day to create accountability that motivates people to take action. 
  • The youth action group Good People Act Now (GPAN), facilitated by Kelly Alexander of Banksia Gardens Community Services, offered a very powerful performance that highlighted what power over women can look like in everyday life and how to tell someone the behaviour is not OK.
  • Casa Cultura use arts to engage with young people about respectful relationships and violence against women. They have been working with two schools in the Hume area as well as others in the Northern Region through their program That Inspires Respect. This program supports young people to express their understanding of the issue and what to do about it through theatre performance. 
  • Two of the local bi-cultural workers Ruby Ayoubi and Lynh Ngyuen of the Family Mentoring Program (faciliated by VicSEG) displayed and spoke about some emotive posters they created that  included personal responses to the questions of: What make us feel culturally safe in seeking education? What make us feel culturally unsafe in seeking education? These posters will be used to generate conversations within their different ethnic communities about what the unacceptable attitudes and behaviours are and importantly what is positive and supportive when it comes to women feeling equal and safe. 
Nelly Thomas, award winning comedian and advocate for women's equality, provided a witty and engaging keynote address on the question of 'How do we create a culture of respect and equality for women?'. Nelly drew our attention to some of the every day sexism and stereotypes that can effect both males and females negatively, things we are so used to we often don't even notice. Through her use of humour and plain language, she inspired a great conversations to finish off the session. This approach served to remind us of the value of being creative and authentic to connect with people on what can be a difficult and jargon-filled topic.




We are a diverse alliance of community groups and organisations collaborating to increase equality and respect for women to end violence. Representatives who work with community groups in different sectors of the community (sports, youth, neighbourhood houses, rotary etc) have been meeting together to increase their knowledge and skills and to establish the alliance. There is a steering group which is a sub group of people who help deal with some of the nuts and bolts of the alliance e.g. finalising Terms of Reference.  The alliance serves as a vehicle to: 

•Develop shared understanding
•Create partnerships and resource sharing
•Engage in coordinated and consistent efforts that support others to act
•Contribute to the body of professional knowledge

We want you to 'join the CREW' which doesn't necessarily mean coming to meetings, what it really means is that we want you to join with the intent and values of the Hume CREW in the following ways:

•Seek support of the alliance
•Participate in initiatives and training
•Share your learning
•Drive action in your setting

You can do this through coming to meetings (if you are a person that works with community groups directly and want to champion Hume CREW in your sector)  OR you can contact the Convenor to find out who is the representative in your sector (e.g. sports, youth) that you can connect with and receive updates OR you can go on a mailing list only. 


Hume CREW Documents
Below is a collection of governance documents that shape the Hume CREW

Hume CREW Terms of Reference November 2016

HUME CREW Steering group minutes 120716.pdf 

HUME CREW Dianella Network Steering Committee Minutes DRAFT 31.5.16.pdf

HUME CREW Men Don't Go Evaluation report.pdf