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Healthy Connected Community

Healthy Connected Community

Dianella Health partners with Hume City Council and a variety of community organisations to deliver programs to the community in the areas of healthy eating, physical activity and mental health. We established partnerships with 18 different organisations across educational and community settings. Using a co-design process, we developed programs to strengthen the engagement of vulnerable families in their health and wellbeing. We also designed programs for children to participate in activities which led to increased levels of healthy eating and physical activity. The programs, delivered in partnership with schools and neighbourhood houses, demonstrated sustainable outcomes in terms of improved knowledge, skills and engagement.


Read about some of the programs in our report here: 2016.09.21 HTH report _Web.pdf

Cook and Save (2015-2016)

According to the Victorian Population Health Survey (2011 - 2012), only 3.9% (compared to the Victorian state average 5.2%) of City of Hume residents are meeting the recommended standard of fruit and vegetable consumption. Healthy eating is essential in helping prevent chronic disease. Dianella Health and Tullamarine Community House partnered to help show people how easy and inexpensive it is to cook healthy, nutritious and most importantly, delicious meals. To help remedy this, 15 participants met with a professional chef over 9 weeks who demonstrated how good cooking can be for anyone.


Watch our evaluation video of this great project.


Girls get game: Using sport to boost physical activity and gender equity (2016)

Nearly 40% of Australian children do not participate in organised sport outside school hours despite the physical and mental health benefits 

of exercise. In the City of Hume the situation is further impacted with girls’ participation in sport being significantly lower at 1:10 compared to boys.

Population Health piloted an after-school girls’ soccer programme at two primary schools in Hume to help achieve a recommended level of physical activity. A total of 40 girls from grades four to six participated in facilitated soccer training in a programme that connected schools, community organisations and local government with the goal of increasing girls’ participation in sport. 

Watch our evaluation video of this great project.