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Gender Equality

Gender Equality for the Prevention of Violence Against Women

The focus in this area has been enabling community leadership and action, increasing community access to services, resources and information, and building organisational capacity. We forged partnerships with Hume City Council, Women’s Health in the North and other community health organisations, neighbourhood houses, family violence networks, and community groups to deliver effective programs using a collaborative planning approach. Dianella is leading a steering committee with representation from eight different organisations that have formed a Hume alliance for prevention of violence against women (Hume Community for Respect and Equality of Women – Hume CREW). This collaborative partnership process has resulted in a commitment to take collective action to promote gender equality, with the aim of ending violence against women.

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Gender Equality and Respect in Sporting Clubs: Join the Club

This area focused on building the capacity of local sporting clubs in promoting gender equity and respectful relationships in order to prevent violence against women. We established partnerships with Hume City Council and Women’s Health In the North to design and deliver the program with direct involvement of sporting clubs. The partnership extended with regional and state sporting authorities to facilitate a whole of club approach to 11 sporting clubs in Hume. The program uses a capacity building approach to design training and resources to help clubs create supportive structures, processes and policies. The clubs are currently implementing this program. A social marketing campaign to create awareness about the issue of family violence as well as tailored training to provide knowledge around gender equity and respect is happening concurrently.


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