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Diversity & Social Inclusion


In our priority area of 'Diversity & Social Inclusion', we aim to build a community that is respectful, recognises diversity as an asset and actively connects with various cultures and community groups as a means of preventing social discrimination. We do this by working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities within Hume that are both established and newly arrived.


We developed our ‘Train the Trainer’ model in consultation with Women’s Health In the North to enhance community members’ leadership abilities and to be trained as trainers to facilitate community workshops in preventing social discrimination and the promotion of diversity. We established a partnership with Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission to deliver this training, resulting in a total of 56 key community stakeholders undergoing the program and facilitating workshops in their respective community. More than 250 community members attended these subsequent workshops. This training led the establishment of three women’s groups to participate in a capacity building program for leadership and community actions. These women’s groups are currently implementing a number of activities to promote diversity and cross-cultural social connection in the community. We joined the partnership to contribute to the Multicultural Action plan led by Hume City Council and took part in organising and delivering a number of activities. We strengthened partnerships with various community organisations, cultural and faith groups, education providers, sport clubs and related networks to deliver events, forums and other activities to promote diversity and prevent social discrimination in the City of Hume.

Refugee and Asylum Seeker Health 

Our plan in this area is focused on capacity building and service strengthening to meet the needs of newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers settled in the City of Hume. Dianella’s Clinical staff and Population Health team are working to an action plan to address immediate service and community engagement needs in terms of giving access to services, information, resources and activities. We are currently working with refugee women’s groups to implement a capacity building model for leadership development, so they are able to design and execute an appropriate support system for newly arriving populations in Hume. The service-strengthening objective has developed additional referral pathways for the clients to receive timely and effective care. 

Humanity - The Hume Diversity Short Film Festival

Dianella Health is pleased to announce the inaugural Humanity Film Festival competition (HFF) in 2018. Open to anyone who lives, works, studies or plays within the City of Hume, the Festival aims to provide a creative platform for local filmmakers to share positive stories of social inclusion and diversity within Hume. Look here for more: www.dianella.org.au/humanity-1



Our Connected Community, Our Stories

Our collection of narratives from individuals and groups supported by Dianella Population Health working to make our community an inclusive one.


Preventing Discrimination: Training the Trainers 

Colours of Hume celebrates the similarities amidst our cultural differences.
Colours of Hume is a community led women’s group building social cohesion within Hume's multicultural society. Open to all women, Colours of Hume provides a safe space where activities and discussions that enhance health and wellbeing can take place, while also contributing to the promotion of cultural diversity in the community.


Meeting every fortnight, the women come together to socialise and make a deeper connection with their community and learn about each other’s culture. The group also helps provides awareness and pathways to employment and other opportunities.  

Watch the video here.



Teej to Teeyan Festival

Promoting Cultural Diversity and Harmony in Hume

The Teej to Teeyan festival, which ran in Craigieburn on the 18th of September, provided an opportunity for women from different cultural groups to come together to share their cultural essence and establish stronger, cross cultural connections towards social harmony. 


Dianella Community Health has been working in the community to promote cultural connections to help prevent discrimination. Dianella has begun engaging with various cultural and ethnic groups to build community capacity in taking appropriate actions.This festival was the result of a training event which Dianella Community Health, together with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, provided to 25 Hume based community leaders and stakeholders. 


The Teej to Teeyan festival is an annual festival of women from Nepal and India predominantly celebrated by the followers of Hinduism. It is normally celebrated as a symbol of women’s freedom and includes songs, dancing and prayer rituals. It is hoped that this event will allow communities to take pride in coming together to connect, learn, form friendships and share in each other’s rich culture. The Population Health team believes that this is a great opportunity to celebrate the similarities between two communities, as well as to acknowledge and respect the differences. Dianella will be running more community empowerment workshops in the near future and hopes to see more community led events like this come out of that process. 

Have a look at the Hume Leader article on the Teej to Teeyan Festival!



Workshops to help prevent Social Discrimination in Hume

Nepalese Community Event held on 4th September 2015

The Population Health branch of Dianella Community Health, in collaboration with the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, recently provided training to 25 key community leaders and stakeholders designed to empower them to deliver training and activities on preventing social discrimination.


Dianella Health is now supporting the community leaders to deliver the training in their respective communities. On the 4th September, 24 Nepalese community members actively participated at a workshop held in Craigieburn on preventing discrimination.Throughout the month of September, Dianella Community Health will be supporting a series of similar workshops for communities from different cultural backgrounds and faith systems in the city of Hume.



Bahai Youth Group working to prevent discrimination training:


If you would like to become involved in this project please contact the Population Health Team on 9303 0547