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Contacting us via telephone



To assist you with contacting us via telephone, please see below. 


I want to make or change or cancel an appointment with the Dentist

  • If you are in pain, Dental Emergency 9am - 10:00am (03) 8339 9884 until all available appointments filled

I need assistance using your Emergency Relief service 

  • If you require the Emergency Relief service, contact (03) 8339 9883 Bookings open on Friday 9am for bookings the following Monday. 

I need to cancel or change my appointment with one of your health professionals

  •  If you need to cancel or change an appointment, contact 1300 234 263. 

I have a referral to see one of your health professionals (for example, a Physiotherapist or a Podiatrist or a Dietitian)

  • Service Access team Phone 1300 234 263 or Fax (03) 8339 9898

 I'm really not sure, this is just a general enquiry about your services

  • If you are really not sure who to talk to, contact 1300 234 263 and a reception staff will be able to direct your call.

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