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Rights, Responsibilities and Privacy


Dianella is committed to ensuring that all people who use our services have adequate information about their rights and responsibilities.  This information is displayed in all clinical settings and waiting areas.    


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Cultural Safety

We develop and sustain healthcare services that are free from discrimination and delivered in a manner that shows respect for the culture and beliefs of our clients and community.


Environmental Safety 

Dianella protects the safety of our clients, staff, volunteers and students by providing an environment that is free of abuse, neglect, violence and preventable injury. 


Dianella will not tolerate sexual harrassment, abusive or threatening behaviour towards staff, volunteers, students, clients or visitors to our facilities. These behaviours include shouting, swearing, aggressive actions, threats, inappropriate gestures and name calling. 


We reserve the right to withdraw the provision of services and request the abuser leave the premises and if refusing to do so, will call for assistance from the Victorian Police.  They will also be asked to transfer their care to another healthcare provider.



Your privacy


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Your rights


You have the right to:

  • be treated with respect, care, dignity and consideration regardless of your age, gender, sexual preference, religion and culture
  • be free from abuse, neglect, violence and preventable injury
  • access information that is easy to understand and that explains your treatment including risks and available options
  • give your consent before being treated
  • take part in decisions about your healthcare
  • receive quality treatment as promptly as possible, based on our assessment and if preferred, get a second opinion
  • ask to see the professional identification of staff
  • assistance from a qualitified interpreter service
  • have your privacy respected and your information kept confidential
  • access to your healthcare record
  • select someone that will represent you such as a friend, family member, independent person or an external advocacy group 
  • give us feedback and suggestions about how we can improve a service
  • make a complaint to our organisation or to an external body without any negative consequences 

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Your responsibilities


Your responsibilities as a client of Dianella are to: 

  • treat all the people you meet at Dianella including staff, volunteers, students, other clients or visitors with respect, dignity and consideration
  • comply with Dianella's zero tolerance for violence and aggression against staff, students, volunteers, other clients and visitors
  • provide us with as much information as possible about your health and your beliefs so that we may provide you with the right service, advice and care
  • be on time for appointments and let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time if you want to cancel or reschedule as soon as possible
  • let us know if you change any of your contact details
  • tell staff if you are taking any medicine, recreational drugs or natural remedies
  • tell staff if someone else is treating you for the same condition
  • ask questions and talk to your family if you want before making any decisions
  • follow staff instructions for your treatment and care
  • tell our staff about any problems you are having with the treatment being provided or the medicine you are taking
  • be prepared to go to another service if we cannot provide you with the treatment you need
  • talk to your doctor if your conditions change while you are on our waiting list for treatment
  • respect the confidentiality and privacy of others and not telling others about information shared by group members in programs
  • accepting the consequences and outcomes, based on your own informed decisions
  • listening and actioning safety procedures that may be asked of you while attending a service 

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Our responsibilities


Our responsibilities as your health provider are to:


  • enhance and respect the independence and dignity of our clients
  • ensure that a client's access to a service is decided only on the basis of need and the capacity of the service to meet that need
  • inform clients about options for support
  • inform clients of their rights and responsibilities in relation to services
  • involve the client and their nominated representative or carer if applicable in decisions on the assessment and service delivery plan
  • negotiate with the client before a change is made to the service being provided
  • be responsive to the diverse social, cultural and physical experiences and needs of our clients
  • recognise the role of carers and be responsive to their need for support
  • inform the client about the service to be delivered and any fees charged
  • inform the client of the standards to expect in relation to services they may received
  • ensure that the client continues to receive services agreed with us taking the client's changing needs into account
  • respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients
  • allow the clients access to their healthcare information held by Dianella (or a carer access if they are the client's legal guardian or has been authorised by the client)
  • respect a client's refusal of a service and to ensure any future attempt by the client to access a service is not prejudiced because of that refusal
  • deal with client feedback fairly and promptly and without retribution
  • accept the client's choice and involvement of an advocate to represent his or her interests
  • take into account the client's views when planning, managing and evaluating service provision
  • as required by law, we are required to act upon any concerns we may have about abuse or neglect of clients, carers or children 

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What information do we collect about you and why?


We keep your name and contact details on your client healthcare record. Other details such as your care/case plan and information about the services you receive are recorded each time you visit.


The information we collect helps us to keep up-to-date details about your needs so we can care for you in the best possible way. 

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Who else sees your information?


Your information can only be seen by the healthcare professionals within Dianella that are involved in your care. We also use the information to better manage and plan this service. Otherwise, we only release information about you if you agree or if required by law, such as in a medical emergency. 


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What say do you have in what happens to your information?


You have a say in what happens to your information. We rely on the information you give us to help provide the right care for you.


If you decide not to share some of your information or restrict access to your consumer record, this is your right, but it may affect our ability to provide you with the best possible services.


Talk to us if you wish to change or cancel your consent. 


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Can you access your healthcare information?


You have a right to request access to your information and to ask for it to be corrected if necessary. If you wish to access your healthcare record or transfer your healthcare records to another provider please complete the following form requesting access to your records.


Dianella brochure explaining how to access your healthcare information

           Accessing your healthcare information 


Health Services Commissioner brochure - overview of your rights to access your healthcare information 

           Health Services Commissioner brochure - Right of Access


Request to Dianella to access your healthcare information

           Application form for accessing healthcare information


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