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Dianella Health is a Community Health provider in the City of Hume. It is a registered not-for-profit organisation independent of Government, a company limited by guarantee owned and operated by the membership. The organisation delivers primary health services to a wide variety of children and adults from different ethnic groups and socio-economic circumstances in our rapidly growing community. The organisation operates across multiple sites in Craigieburn, Meadow Heights and Broadmeadows. Dianella is currently supported by 260 full and part time staff and approximately 100 volunteers.


Dianella has strong links with the City of Hume, the Department of Health (DoH), the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD), Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV), the Department of Health & Ageing (DoHA), local non-government organisations, the Northern Hospital, and a wide variety of community groups.


Dianella is aware of the need to not only deliver health services but also to improve the life outcomes and address the inherent inequalities of residents in Hume and Melbourne's North .


Hume is one of the fastest growing communities in Melbourne and represents a rich diversity in culture and background. It is also one of the most disadvantaged communities in Victoria and is characterised by the following increasing demands on services:

  • Aging population (expected to more than triple between 2006 and 2031) putting pressure on the primary health service system which is not linked to the allocation of operational and capital resources.
  • Population increases in the Craigieburn SLA, with current population projected to grow by 122% to 2031.
  • Broadmeadows, Dallas, Coolaroo, Campbellfield, Meadow Heights and Jacana all fall within the first decile of most disadvantaged suburbs in metropolitan Melbourne.


Dianella’s core business is the delivery of primary health care services and preventative health initiatives.