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Partnerships are about organisations working together to achieve better health outcomes for our community by sharing expertise, skills and resources.


Dianella is very proud of its extensive partnerships because we recognise we cannot do it alone.


Our partnerships are both formal and informal and we value the opportunity to work collaboratively with public, private and community agencies.   


Click on any heading below of one of our may partnerships to display a list of our partners :


Active Service Model - Hume City Council

Aged Care partnerships

Community Asthma Program - Lead Agency - Dianella Community Health

Connections @ Craigieburn

Craigieburn Headspace

Early Intervention and Chronic Care

Hume Early Years Executive

Hume Early Years Partnership

Hume Moreland Integrated Family Services

Hume Whittlesea Primary Care Partnership

Mental Illness Research Fund

Northern Intergrated Family Violence Services Council & Support Alliance

North West Mental Health Alliance

Pathways to Good Health

Population Health

Supporting Parents - Developing Children Project

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