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Community Participation


There are many ways consumers can participate in health decision-making, from working with your own healthcare provider to improve your own health to contributing to the development and management of health services as a consumer representative. Dianella is proud to have consumer representatives on its Board of Directors.


In addition, we acknowledge that consumer and client feedback has considerable benefits to the organisation and clients by helping the service improve the way it does things.


Volunteering for Dianella

Our volunteers make a substantial contribution to the services we deliver.   Click on this link to learn more about our Volunteer program http://dianella.org.au/our-services/volunteers-1


Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction surveys are an opportunity to provide feedback as to your level of overall satisfaction with our services.  These types of surveys ask general questions about how you rate our services and how we can improve them. Click on this link to see what surveys are currently open http://dianella.org.au/surveys


Quality Surveys

These types of surveys are normally conducted with your health provider.  Quality surveys ask questions about the quality of the heatlhcare you are receiving. 


Focus Groups

Focus groups are led by a trained 'group leader' to conduct research into a specific topic. They are usually held at a Dianella site or a location in the community.    Participants in the group are actively encouraged to express their opinions, respond to other members of the group as well as to questions asked by the group leader.  We learn more about group or community opinions and needs through focus groups.


Be Informed 

Dianella Health invites you to help us make our services better. Dianella's Participation Register gives people a chance to hear about and be intouch with the well being of their community.

 Anyone who would like to provide input and know about healthcare from a community, carer and/or client perspective is welcome to sign up below.